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Developed in collaboration with Ukrainian composer Dmitriy Saratsky, who has created the music and soundscape, and with movement by Cheska Bridge, this new production is an edit of Shakespeare's Macbeth for one actor. It is an examination of the genesis of tyranny, a portrait of a psychotic state of mind, of murderous delusion and paranoia.

Initially in collaboration with the Accademia Nico Pepe in Udine, Italy for a workshop performance on July 17th 2002 at the summer academy festival, "Borders and Identity”.

Subsequently with Daugavpils Theatre, Latvia for a preview performance on 14th October 2022. Daugavpils is a small city in eastern Latvia; it has a large Russian speaking population and is close to the border Latvia shares with both Russia and Belarus.

There was a further performance in June 2023 in London as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe. Link to ***** review here.

A further performance will be presented as part of United Solo Festival at Theatre Row, NYC 15th November 2023 19:00

Tickets here.

Running time: 50 mins.


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