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Brave New World

From the silence of the unnamed daughter trapped in an incestuous relationship with her father and yearning for freedom in Pericles - through to Miranda, the final character in The Tempest, and her delight at seeing mankind for the first time - this late plays project (Pericles 1608), Cymbeline (1609), The Winter's Tale (1610) and The Tempest (1611), sets out to explore that journey, from silence to wonder, through some of Shakespeare's most remarkable women. This is a professional development for 7 actors, of a project created in 2016 at Drama Centre London as part of Shakespeare 400. Production design was sponsored by Kings Cross, and performed in The Crossing as well as at The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute, Moscow. The photos below show MA Acting students: Hannah Harris, Tayo Elesin, Nicola Taylor, Simon Gleave, Isla Jackson-Ritchie, Savannah Hankinson, Portia van de Braam and Seb Carrington. Set Design: Sonia Birman. Costume Design: Laura Albeck. Choreography: Liana Nyquist. Dramaturgy and Direction Paul Goodwin. 

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